COPE Application

Stacked Stones

What is the COPE Team?

The COPE Team is made up of students who help their peers through education and compassion, and inform the campus community about mental health. This is a role that demands creativity, responsibility, trust, empathy, compassion, and the willingness to learn, grow, and challenge yourself! As COPE, you will assist the Counseling Center in spreading awareness about mental health, helping students to learn more about the services and resources available to them, and working closely with faculty, staff, and peers to build professional relationships dedicated to helping others. Collaboration is at the core of everything we do!

What to expect on the COPE Team?

Learning! You will learn ALOT about yourself, your relationships, your culture, and about what influences us to become the people we are. You will complete GST 318, which is the education piece of COPE. This class meets once a week and you will learn about a variety of topics connected to mental health, such as healthy habits, communication skills, presentation skills, healthy relationships, mental health challenges, self-care, teamwork, and resources in the community. And you will hear from a variety of experts in the mental health field so you can learn more about future career paths!
Creativity and collaboration! As part of a collaborative team, you will also have the opportunity to find innovative and fresh ways to reach and inform the college campus. If you have the desire to help and have cool ideas you want to put to good use, this is the role for you! You will learn how to help your community in a responsible, ethical, professional, and most importantly, creative way. You will NOT be counseling students. However, listening to your peers and providing them with information and resources is important and incredibly powerful. This role asks you to commit 8-9 hours per week. 

What you get out of being on the COPE Team?

- The chance to help make a difference!
- 3 credit hours per semester (up to 6 total) for GST 318
- Experience being a helper in a community
- Education about mental health, communication, resources, and much more!
- Information about the career paths ahead of you 
- The chance to put your creativity, your energy, and your passion to good use!