The Body Project

What is The Body Project? Backed by two decades of research and evaluation data, the Body Project is a group-based intervention that provides a forum for women and girls to confront unrealistic beauty ideals and engages them in the development of healthy body image through verbal, written, and behavioral exercises. The Body Project was developed by researchers at Stanford University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Oregon Research Institute, and has been delivered to over one million young women around the world. 

The conceptual basis for the Body Project is that if girls and young women voluntarily argue against the societal appearance-ideal, this will result in a reduced subscription to this ideal and to consequent decreases in eating disorder risk factors and eating disordered behaviors.

This 4 session, 1 hour psycho-educational group is a dissonance-based body acceptance program designed to help the college-age, identified female, resist cultural pressures to conform to the appearance ideal standard of beauty and to reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. Must attend all sessions, download workbook and commit to easy reflective homework.

'22 Spring | Tuesdays, 1pm - 2:30pm (Starts Mar. 1, 2022)