About Our Services

Counseling Services is funded by the SUNY Oswego Student Health Fee, and resources are available free of charge to registered SUNY Oswego Students. Counseling center staff offer individual and group counseling, as well as couples counseling when deemed appropriate after an initial consultation. To learn more about the Student Health Fee and services, please view Health and Well-being at Oswego.

You and your counselor will work together to determine your goals and establish an appropriate timeframe for achieving them. Occasionally, it may be necessary for CSC staff to refer a client to an outside health care provider for consultation, evaluation or treatment.

The benefits of counseling may include an increased ability to cope with friends, family, relationship issues and academic pressures. You may also gain a better understanding of yourself, which will ultimately assist you in your personal development.

It is also important to be aware that counseling may involve the risk of remembering unpleasant events and may arouse strong feelings.

The CSC staff adheres to all applicable state laws and ethical standards, which require that all client information be held in strict confidence. To provide effective service and, as consultation and/or supervision is a standard component of professional practice, your counselor may discuss your case with other Counseling Services Center staff. Except in an emergency situation, however, no one outside the CSC is given any information — even the fact that you have been here —without your prior consent. 

Exceptions to client confidentiality include the following:

  • Abuse of children: If a staff member has reason to believe that a child under the age of 18 is being abused or neglected.
  • Imminent harm to self or others: If a staff member has reason to believe that you are in danger of physically harming yourself or someone else.
  • Age limitation: If you are under 18, we cannot guarantee you confidentiality. If contacted by your parents, we would have to answer their questions in regard to your treatment.
  • Court orders: When ordered by a court of law.

Records of counseling sessions are not part of a college student's educations record* and are accessible only to the CSC staff. Files are maintained for six years, and then destroyed in a manner consistent with all applicable confidentiality laws and policies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding confidentiality or service, we encourage you to discuss them with your counselor.

*ask your counselor about exceptions to the FERPA exemption during your intake