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Volunteer opportunities

Laker Leads
Thinking about volunteering? We have some great ways to get involved. We offer many different programs on and off campus that you can locate through our calendar of events, listed below. However, if you are looking for something more specific to your personal interests or career goals, try our Laker Leads database. It holds over 150 volunteer listings, and internship possibilities.

Volunteer Listserv
The Volunteer Listserv is a weekly email that contains up to date onetime volunteer opportunities for students. To sign up for our Volunteer Listserv, email

Adopt-A-Grandparent connects students with senior adults in the community through weekly trips to a local nursing home and have the opportunity to spend time with residents talking, sharing stories and participating in the planned activity. 

Mentor Oswego
Mentor Oswego connects college students with local children and adolescents in the Oswego area. SUNY Oswego students act as positive role models, while providing fun activities, programs and companionship to local youth. In the past year, we have significantly expanded Mentor Oswego to help address unmet needs of the community and the local school district. There are now a variety of different programs housed under the Mentor Oswego umbrella.

Habitat For Humanity
Habitat for Humanity and the Habitat for Humanity Club offer opportunities for students to help eradicate homelessness locally, nationally and throughout the world. We work through volunteer action, awareness and advocacy to build houses, communities and hope worldwide.