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GST 302

GST 302 Service Learning is a one-credit course where you enhance classroom learning through service to the community. You can choose from more than 130 service-learning placement sites.

Course requirements
  • Minimum of 20 hours of service 
  • Three written assignments/journals
  • Participate in three discussion groups
Want to sign ip?

Fill out the registration form on Laker Life with the link below during the spring '15 semester.

You have until the add date (Feb. 11) to add this course. If the one-credit course is an overload you need to consult with your advisor.

Two-credit course

GST 302 is also offered in the form of a two-credit course. This course is reserved for group leaders that have been previously approved by the coordinator of service learning and community service. This course also contains higher requirements than the one credit offering. Read more information on the two-credit course and its specifications.