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Group leader position

The group leader position is a leadership role that is assumed by students in GST302. This course is reserved for group leaders that have been previously approved by the coordinator of service learning and community service. It is a two-credit upper division course that involves hands on training at a community service site. Group leaders will participate in 80 hours a semester of community service as part of their requirement. These hours include time planning and attending programs and fulfilling office hours.

Expectations for all group leader positions

  • Act as a liaison between service site, CSLCS and other service learning students
  • Facilitate discussions at service site with other service learning students
  • Partake in 10 discussion classes
  • Complete all written assignments and journal entries
  • Research and prepare group reflection activities
  • Orient and support students at service site
  • Aid in planning and preparation of special events at service site
  • Give presentations to classes about service learning
  • Administer feedback questionnaires to respective parties
  • Fulfilling weekly office hours in the point
  • Ability to become van trained to transport volunteers (requires a valid drivers license) 

Specific job descriptions

Adopt-A-Grandparent (AGP): Group leader will supervise and facilitate other volunteers and service learning students at weekly visits to local nursing homes. This project will expand our current Adopt-a-Grandparent program which is currently at capacity. The group leader will work closely with current AGP coordinators to organize a sustainable expansion program. Weekly visits will consist of travel to a designated nursing home and visiting with selected residents and partaking in such activities as crafts, storytelling, and companionship.

Mentor Oswego: Group leader will orient and supervise student volunteers at various elementary and middle schools in the Oswego City School District. The group leader will coordinate and facilitate activities, crafts, games, homework time and discussions. Activities vary depending on the site.

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