Alternative Breaks

Since 2001, SUNY Oswego students have dedicated their winter and spring breaks to engaging in strong direct service to local, domestic, and international communities. These week-long immersive service trips partner with community organizations to support efforts such as animal welfare, disaster relief, youth education, environmental concerns, quality affordable housing, health care, food security, and poverty alleviation.  Every alternative break provides new and exciting opportunities; no two trips are the same.

Spring 2019 Alternative Breaks

Staycation: Exploring Oswego County’s Challenges and Strengths  ($25) 
Trailblazers for Change: Environmentalism and State Park Maintenance ($150)
Affordable Housing for All: Homeownership and Repairs in a Rural Area  ($150)
Agua Limpia: Clean Water Efforts After Hurricane Maria  ($500) 
Poco a Poco: English Language Learning with Spanish Speaking Youth  ($1,100)


Trip costs are all inclusive, covering travel, meals, and housing. Costs vary per trip. 

Information Packet 

Before applying, read through the Alternative Spring Break Info Packet for additional details about Alt Break and the individual trips. 

Group information sessions

Students interested in Alternative Spring Break must attend a group information session prior to being selected.


Oct 31                6:00pm               Marano 143       

Nov 1                 11:00am             Marano 143       

Nov 7                 1:00pm               Marano 143   

Nov 9                 3:00pm               Marano 141 

Nov 13               9:00am               Marano 143

Nov 14               4:00pm               Marano 143   

Nov 15               6:00pm               Marano 141   

Nov 16               3:00pm               Marano 141


To apply for Spring 2019 Alternative Break, complete the application by following this link

A $25 nonrefundable deposit (cash or check made out to Auxiliary Services) is due with your application. This $25 will be put towards the above trip fee once you have been assigned to a trip. If you are not assigned to a trip you will receive your deposit back.