Calling all members of the greater Oswego campus community! Oswego is in the early stages of an institution-wide Branding Exploration – a self-reflective marketing initiative that seeks to gain a greater understanding of the Oswego brand – and we need your help.

The Oswego brand is our organizational DNA and what sets us apart from our competitors. Please consider providing your perspective and input, which will guide us in determining how best to portray, market and represent Oswego's past, present and future.

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Branding Exploration Initiative

What is a brand?

The SUNY Oswego brand is more than just our logo, a photo, or the college colors and fonts. It is a true reflection of who we are and where SUNY Oswego is headed. It is our organizational DNA, what sets us apart, and how our students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and friends describe SUNY Oswego in their day-to-day interactions ... on campus, in their communities and in places around the globe.

Uncovering Our Brand

This past fall (2018), SUNY Oswego began to lay the groundwork on an institution-wide Branding Exploration, a self-reflective marketing initiative in which our collective campus community seeks to gain a greater understanding of the SUNY Oswego brand. Throughout this process, we will work to "uncover" our brand and engage in activities that strive to uncover answers to the following questions:

  • What is it that makes SUNY Oswego unique?
  • What differentiates SUNY Oswego from other colleges and universities?
  • Who is and what motivates our primary audience?
  • What is our most identifiable trait and/or characteristics?
  • How recognizable is SUNY Oswego?


Phase 1: Discover
Market research and review; collect baseline and emotional data, perceptions; host workshops and conduct interviews with key stakeholders.

Phase 2: Define
Determine brand elements (the essence of Oswego); highlight benefits and defining attributes; produce existing conditions report with branding recommendations

Phase 3: Develop
Create brand-positioning statement, brand promise, brand pillars and guidelines, brand mantra; implement master creative strategy

Branding Advisory Group

The Branding Advisory Group is a diverse group of Oswego stakeholders who, by serving as members, have agreed to represent their fellow students, faculty, staff and alumni; share their collective knowledge and experience; provide guidance, offer input and share perceptions about SUNY Oswego. The Branding Advisory Group will work with and advise the Chief Communication Officer and members of the Marketing staff, including student intern (Maggie Gaynor '20, Public Relations major from Liverpool, NY)


  • Ruben Santana '20
    Public Relations major (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Sara Costello '19
    Psychology major (Lockport, NY)
  • Chantel Richardson '16, M'19
    Strategic Communication MA (Staten Island, NY)
  • Elianna Sanchez '20
    Wellness Management (Queens, NY)
  • Ankur Yadav '20
    Public Relations (Delhi, India)


  • Kristi Eck
    Office of the President
  • Jerry Oberst
    Senior Associate Director, Admissions
  • Margaret Spillett
    Director of Alumni and Development Communications
  • Mike Bielak
    Director of Athletic Communications


  • Saleem Cheeks '01
  • Donna Goldsmith '82


  • Stathis Kefallonitis
    Assoc. Professor, Marketing
  • Lindsay McCluskey
    Asst. Professor, Communication Studies
  • Preety Tripathi
    Professor, Mathematics
  • Pat Russo
    Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Education


If you have any questions, would like to further discuss the Branding Exploration initiative, please contact college Chief Communication Officer Wayne Westervelt at (315) 312-2265 or email