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Degree programs

Bachelor of arts: Broadcasting and mass communication
This major is designed to provide students with an understanding of the mass media industries, including radio, television, cable, film, the Internet, multimedia and mobile platforms.  Learn about the creation and production of media, the interrelated nature of media industries and the skills necessary to write, produce and distribute media messages.  Explore a variety of areas including audio and video production, broadcast journalism, copywriting and media management.

Bachelor of arts: Communication and social interaction
Students explore the various ways human beings interact and exchange ideas about feelings and beliefs to build relationships and gain cooperation with others.  From one-to-one relationships, to group and organizational relationships, to relationships between the individual and the media, students analyze the process of creating, sending and interpreting verbal and nonverbal messages and how these messages are influenced by gender, culture and ethics.

Communication and social onteraction is a popular major for students interested in a wide variety of careers including management, speech writing, political communication, human resources, sales, and law.  Students majoring in business management and marketing as well as many other majors will find a minor in communication useful.

Bachelor of arts: Journalism
This is an interdisciplinary B.A. degree program designed to prepare students to gather, write, edit, package and produce news stories for newspapers as well as online reporting -including the role of graphic design in communicating the news.  The program emphasizes the social, ethical and legal contexts within which journalism is practiced in the United States.  The Center for Community Journalism, located on the Oswego campus, offers students the opportunity to learn about community newpapers.

Bachelor of arts: Public relations
Public relations majors concentrate on the management of relationships between an organization and the public and the effect on that company's success.

Students receive a strong foundation through courses that include print, broadcast and web-based research methods; persuasive writing, graphics, as well as public relations case studies, strategies and tactics, communication channel analysis and ethical responsibility.  Writing, critical thinking and interpersonal skills are emphasized and internships are strongly suggested.  Students in the public relations major are encouraged to declare a minor or a second major.

Graduate certificate: Integrated media

The departments of Art, Communications Studies and Computer Science at SUNY Oswego are pleased to announce a new graduate certificate in Integrated Media. This certificate program will provide professionals with an opportunity to examine our current media landscape, using an interdisciplinary team approach to provide hands-on experience in analyzing and solving the media challenges facing today's organizations.

Need more information? Please email Mary Toale, Communication Studies Department chairperson.