Communication and Social Interaction

This highly desired major allows students to explore the various ways human beings interact and exchange ideas.  Students analyze the process of creating, sending and interpreting verbal and nonverbal messages and how these messages are influenced by gender, culture and ethics. Courses cover ideas and theories on how to build effective and appropriate relationships and gain cooperation with others.  Communication across several contexts such as organizational, intercultural, and social media are studied.   Students gain a sophisticated skill set in research, writing and presentations that will aid in students' admissions into graduate schools and management positions.

Communication and social interaction is a popular major for students interested in a wide variety of careers including management, law, higher education, speech writing, political communication, human resources, sales, advertising, marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship, training and recruitment.   

"The faculty has empowered me with the critical thinking and communication skills I need in order to develop and implement needs-based training for today's organizations." 


-Patrick M. Hale '09, Instructional Design Consultant CPS Energy  


Students apply practical outcomes of their education through a service learning requirement that is part of their degree program. Additionally, this flexible curriculum encourages students to complete a second major, internships, international experiences, co-op, and other independent projects that round out their education.

Communication and social interaction core requirements:
COM 100 - Foundations of Communication
COM 210 - Critical Thinking and Public Speaking
BRC  108  - Introduction to Mass Media
COM 212 - Interpersonal Communication
COM 301 - Communication Theories
COM 302 - Message Criticism
COM 303 - Qualitative Communication Research Methods
                   OR-other research course, under advisement
COM 490 - Communication and Service Learning
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