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Frequently Asked Questions for Textbooks

Semester Textbooks - Dare to Compare!

Our average textbook cost is lower than other national retailers. Nobody is more aware of students' and parents' concerns about the cost of textbooks.

We love textbooks. Through our own research we have price compared thousands of textbooks with our competitors to ensure you get the best prices for textbooks. Shop with confidence knowing you are receiving the lowest prices, so why shop anywhere else?

Course Material Availability: During our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, many students asked that all course materials be available when classes start. We strive to have all the books on our shelves when classes start. However, there are occasions when we may not have the books on the shelf when you arrive to our Bookland location. Reasons for this include: we did not receive an order from the faculty member, received a late order from the faculty member, publishers have sold out of the textbook, custom books may take from 1-4 weeks and are only printed upon receiving the order, or not a required text. There are times when an instructor suggests titles and asks to list them as optional. We may not order any of these or only a few depending on the sales history. We are always happy to special order a title. If books have not arrived in time for class, the shelf tag will have an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). You may choose to pay for a copy of a book that has not arrived and once it arrives, you will be contacted by e-mail or phone.

Online Ordering: Beginning prior to the start of the semester and into the semester, you may go to our online order page and follow the prompts. You may pay with any major credit card and choose to pick your books up in Hewitt or have your books delivered to your home. It's that simple and convenient. Get access to the largest selection of used textbooks - saving you money!

This is how we save you money on textbooks:

      • Largest selection of used textbooks-We strive to buyback as many textbooks from our students to fulfill textbook quotas for the upcoming semester. We also have the resources to get books from all over the country to ensure our shelves are stocked full of used textbooks whenever possible.
      • Competitive pricing on used textbooks
      • All new textbooks are always discounted 10%
      • No sales tax on required course materials
      • Add textbooks to your tuition bill through the Flex Plan-If you have excess financial aid, you may shift that into your Flex Plan through MyOswego. Flex Plan balances continually roll to the next semester, or, if you like, you may request that your balance be refunded at the end of the semester.
      • Buyback-Receive up to 50% of what you paid for the textbook at our end of the semester textbook buyback. Several factors influence the buyback price including whether faculty members have placed an order for the textbook for the following semester or if our current quota has yet to be filled.

If you take the cost of the textbook in the beginning of the semester and apply the services and resources that The College Stores strive to provide (used textbooks, Buyback, and Buyback Bucks), you will find that The College Stores provides the lowest net cost of your textbooks.

Any questions on buyback please contact David Buske, Textbook Manager, at (315) 312-2898 or

End of Semester Textbook Buyback

Although you may sell your textbooks back to The College Stores any day, the best time to get the most value for textbooks is at our end of the semester buyback.This occurs on the Thursday of the final week of classes and continues until the last day of finals. Did you know that selling back your books to The College Stores not only saves you money, but it also helps other students? Being able to provide more used textbooks (our number one objective) helps lower textbooks costs for others the following semester. We would rather buyback textbooks from our students than use book supply dealers.

Our number one goal is to purchase your textbooks for 50% of the price you paid for them at the beginning of the semester. Thus, if you paid $100 for a textbook, you could receive up to $50 at the end of the semester. Several factors influence the buyback price including whether faculty members have placed an order for the textbook for the following semester or if our current quota has yet to be filled.

During our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, many students asked that we buyback a larger selection of books. At the end of each semester, The College Book Store would like to buy back 100% of books sold that semester. There are frequently titles though, that we do not buy. Here are some reasons why:

      • Faculty have not turned in book orders for the following term(s)
      • Faculty has changed textbooks
      • Faculty will not use text for following semester
      • New edition available for upcoming semester
      • Text has gone out of print
      • Books have access codes or online supplements that have a one semester life
      • Text is only used in Spring or only in Fall. For example, at the end of the fall semester we buy for the spring semester. A course that is only taught in the fall may not have books eligible for buy back.

To help offset your textbook costs, The College Stores has the largest selection of used textbooks and all of our textbooks are discounted. Want more savings? The College Stores do not charge sales tax on course materials! Just another way The College Stores saves you money! For more information on textbook buyback...

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Taking an online course through the SUNY Learning Network during the Fall 2017 semester?  If you need to order a textbook or have any questions, please call our Textbook Manager Paul DiVita at (315) 312-2898.  We will add a standard $8.50 shipping fee plus tax.  All orders must be placed before 9:30am to ensure they will be sent out that day.  Orders placed after 9:30am, will be shipping to you the next business day.  We accept all major credit cards as well as your College Store Flex Plan.



Please find below helpful links to order your upcoming semester's textbooks, coursepack information, and other resources. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Paul DiVita, Textbook Manager, at (315) 312-2898 or