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SUNY Oswego Parents

Welcome SUNY Oswego Parents! We understand that sending off your child to college is an emotional experience, especially when facing many unknowns. This page is meant to provide you answers, from textbooks to laptops to dorm linens.

The main topics that we will highlight are:


$388.30 was the average cost of textbooks for the Fall 2014 semester based on full-time SUNY Oswego students who purchased their textbooks through our online service. Our average textbook cost is considerably lower than the national average.  To help offset textbook costs, The College Stores has the largest selection of used textbooks and all of our textbooks are discounted. New textbooks are always discounted 10%! Throughout the media, a popular topic surrounding college bookstores is why are textbook prices so high? Textbooks are a valuable resource for students as they supplement and enhance classroom instruction, provide a common intellectual platform, and offer additional references and perspectives, and are excellent review tools. Textbook prices reflect real costs and a reasonable return on investment for authors, publishers, distributors, and college stores. Additionally, we also offer textbook rental for those students who would rather rent their textbooks each semester.

Because college stores interact with students and parents face-to-face, nobody is more aware of students' and parents' concerns about the cost of textbooks than The College Stores. Making used textbooks available is the single most significant way college stores can reduce students' textbook costs. The College Stores makes every attempt to have the largest selection of used textbooks available for students. There are circumstances where no used textbooks can be made available for courses when the professor has elected to use a textbook that is brand new or a new edition.

Buyback-Although your student may sell their textbooks back to The College Stores at any time during the semester, the best time to get the most value for textbooks is at our end of the semester buyback. This occurs on the Thursday of the final week of classes and continues until the last day of finals. There are a number of factors that determine how much the student receives back for their textbooks. The College Stores strives to pay 50% of what you paid for the textbook in the beginning of the semester depending on the condition of the book. Thus, if you paid $100 for a textbook, you could receive up to $50 at the end of the semester. For more information on our Buyback program and the factors that determine how much you may receive, please visit our Textbook Buyback page.

If you take the cost of the textbook in the beginning of the semester and apply the services and resources that The College  Stores strive to provide, you will find that The College Stores provides the lowest net cost of your textbooks.

Laptop Purchase Program

The Dell Latitude E5440, Apple MacBook Pro, and Apple MacBook Air come with our peace of mind on-campus technical support. We will diagnose and solve any issue that arises with your device. Most of our repairs are successfully completed within 24 hours.

Peace of Mind

Through our excellent technical support, The College Stores will diagnose and solve any issues that arise with your laptop. Most of our repairs are successfully completed within 24 hours. No matter how simple or complicated the problem, The College Stores is there to fix any issue. There is no need to contact the tech support hotline and be transferred from one tech support representative to another for hours and hours. Simply stop by The College Stores and drop off your laptop, it's that easy! (Our technical support service includes only computers purchased through our Laptop Purchase Program).

Affordable Mobile Computing

After your intial payment of half the purchase price, the remaining payment is added right to your following semester's tuiton bill. Your Dell or Apple laptop comes with built-in wireless capabilities that let you do everything you need to do, anywhere you need to do it!

Laptops are required for students in the School of Business, and recommended for students in the School of Education.

For more information and the latest specifications, please visit our Laptop Purchase Program page.

Flex Plan-The One Card That Can Do It All!

With one swipe of your student ID card, the Flex Plan may be used to purchase anything from textbooks, art, computer, and school supplies to health and beauty products in The College Store's Hewitt locations. At the Campus Center, use your Flex Plan to pickup a sweatshirt for gameday or a Hallmark greeting card and gift for your family or friends. For those students with excess financial aid, simply log-on to MyOswego and shift your excess financial aid into you Flex Plan. No cash out of your pocket!

Convenience: No checkbook to balance, no cash to loose, no extra cards to carry! 
No Hassle: To enroll in the Flex Plan and have your deposit automatically added to your semester's tuition bill or transfer excess financial aid, please log into myOswego.
Refundability: All money that is deposited into the Flex Plan will have it's Fall semester balance rollover to the Spring semester. Remaining funds may be refunded upon request.

To Shift Financial Aid/Excess Funding into Your Flex Plan Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Student Accounts link
  3. Click on Account Summary and select term
  4. Click link at bottom to create a College Store Flex Plan
  5. Enter amount and click "Add to Student Account"

Note: If your refund check has already been cut (see Account Summary), you will not be able to send additional money to The College Book Store.


Residence Hall Linens  Residence Hall Linens

Beds at SUNY Oswego do not have standard twin size mattresses. The mattresses measure 36" x 80" (XL Twin) and require extra long sheets and mattress pads.

The College Stores would like to introduce you to Our Campus Market - a convenient source for ordering all of your campus living needs. The College Stores has partnered with Our Campus Market to provide SUNY Oswego students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have sheets that will fit the extra-long mattresses in our dorms. From sheets and comforters to towels and bathroom essentials, you can turn a dorm room into your own personal sanctuary - choose from over 26 colors and patterns to fit your style!

This is the only school endorsed linen program. Shipping is free for all Value Pak orders, and linens are delivered to your home during the summer for extra convenience. Order now for the best selection - popular colors can sell out quickly! 

Store Return Policies

Occassionally, your student will need to return a textbook or other merchandise. The receipt must accompany all returns, absolutely no returns or exchanges without a receipt. Members of the College Stores staff are the final decision makers in all returns.

Refunds will be made in full using the following parameters:

  • Books sold as new books are to be returned in the same condition. This includes no marking of any kind in the book, no stains, no binding or cover damage and intact, sealed shrink-wrap.
  • Book returns may only be made through the date printed on the bottom of your receipt or posted around the book aisles. The general return time is the first 10 days after the first day of class, but this is subject to change each semester. For summer courses, the return time for textbooks is the first week of the class for that specific session.
  • Clothing should have all tags attached to the garment for return, and should not be worn or washed
  • CDs are only returnable in the event there is a defect and may only be exchanged title for title and within 72 hours of purchase OR if it is an unopened cd.
  • Computers, computer supplies, MP3 players, software, mat board, art paper, and special orders are not refundable.
  • Delivery fees are not refundable

Refunds are made corresponding to the way in which the original purchase was paid:

Form of Payment Form of Refund 
Cash Sale Cash Refund 
Check Sale Cash Refund after 7 days 
Credit Card Credit issued to same credit card 
Student ID Card 

Credit issued to Student ID Card 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My son/daughter does not have their own credit card. Can I just give them my credit card information on a piece of paper or call The College Stores with my credit card information to pay for my son/daughter's textbooks?

A: To help protect and safeguard from identity theft, The College Stores does not take credit card information over the phone nor may a student attempt to make a purchase with a credit card number on a piece of paper. If you want your student to have a credit card, please have it in their name. The easiest way to avoid this hassle is to simply add the cost of the textbooks to your tuition bill. Sign up for the Flex Plan and all your student needs is their student id! No credit cards, no cash, no hassle!

Q: My student just received their course schedule for the upcoming semester. Can I call The College Stores to get textbook information?

A: The College Stores does not give out textbook information over the phone. The reasons for this include:

  • To do so would be so time consuming we would need to hire an extra staff member. This added expense to the business is not good for the consumer.
  • We have staff members who are paid to gather textbook information from professors. The expense of this is recouped in textbook sales. Decreased sales=increased chances that that our expenses are not convered. Students may, of course, contact their individual faculty members for the information just like we do.
  • The information changes and we do not want the responsiblity of that. It's like the bearer of bad news! There have been incidents where professors come into The College Stores to change their textbook order only days before the first day of class!
  • You may call on July 18 for your textbook information for Professor Smith's class. We may not have the order and we do not want to tell you there is no textbook for the class and then have Professor Smith call us the next day with their textbook order. We do not want to misinform and mislead our customers.

Q: My son/daughter received a "wholesale" price at the end of the semester textbook buyback yet when he returned the following semester he found the same book on The College Stores' shelf. Why did they not receive half price?

A: The College Stores stops paying half price after we purchase the needed number of copies of a title, so it is possible for a student to see used copies for sale of a title they sold back at the "wholesale" price. In addition, many instructors wait to evaluate their students' success with a book until after exams and the store's buyback is already over. Other times The College Stores may receive an instructor's request after buyback. While students who sold the books did not get the best price, at least students taking the class the next term will have more used textbooks available. The College Stores makes every effort to receive an instructor's textbook order for the following semester prior to the end of the semester buyback.

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