Edward Austin Sheldon 9-Inch Statue

Edward Austin Sheldon 9-Inch Statue

Edward Austin Sheldon Statue

Approximately 9" high.


Edward Austin Sheldon: An American educator, and the founding president of State University of New York at Oswego (then Oswego Primary Teachers' Training School). He also served as superintendent of schools for the cities of Syracuse, New York and Oswego, New York. Sheldon's main achievement was the introduction of the principles and teachings of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi into American education through the Oswego Movement.


Pestalozzi's philosophy of education was based on a four-sphere concept of life and the premise that human nature was essentially good. The first three "exterior" spheres—home and family, vocational and individual self-determination, and state and nation—recognized the family, the utility of individuality, and the applicability of the parent-child relationship to society as a whole in the development of a child's character, attitude toward learning, and sense of duty. The last "exterior" sphere—inner sense—posited that education, having provided a means of satisfying one's basic needs, results in inner peace and a keen belief in God. That’s what’s in his hand – the Pestalozzi sphere.

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