Cognitive Science Program Advisory Board

Jing Lei Anthropology Department
Craig DeLancey Philosophy Department
Craig Graci Director of Cognitive Science Program at Oswego
Jean Ann Linguistics Program
Leigh Bacher Psychology Department
David Vampola Computer Science Department

Faculty Information and Home Pages

  • David Vampola - Computer Science Department -david.vampola@oswego.edu 
    Special interests: neural networking, natural language processing, mathematical logic
  • Craig DeLancey - Philosophy Department -craig.delancey@oswego.edu 
    Special interests: theories of emotion, philosophy of mind, genetic algorithms
  • Craig Graci - Computer Science Department, Director of Cognitive Science Program - craig.graci@oswego.edu
    Special interests: cognitive musicology, artificial intelligence, semiotics
  • Leigh Bacher - Psychology Department -leigh.bacher@oswego.edu 
    Special interests: attention-action; mechanisms, function and spontaneous eye blinking; developmental science; motor skill acquisition
  • Jean Ann - Linguistics Program - jean.ann@oswego.edu 
    Special interests: phonetic and phonological systems in sign and spoken languages, type and token frequency in languages, language use
  • Bruce Peng - Director of Linguistics Program -long.peng@oswego.edu
    Special interests: phonological properties of first languages and interlanguages, language in education, educational research