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Chemistry BA/BS

One of the first SUNY colleges to be accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS), we often lead all SUNY colleges each year in the number of ACS-accredited majors graduating, and often rank nationally. Graduates of SUNY Oswego’s chemistry programs -- in either the more research-focused bachelor of science track or related environmental chemistry track or more interdisiplinary bachelor of arts) have gone on to study at prestigious schools, and have received national recognition as chemists, researchers, and educators. Outstanding labs in the Shineman Center, professors who are knowledgeable yet student-focused, active student organizations and internships at home plus overseas in the Global Laboratory compose a first-class chemistry experience. Learn more

Biochemistry BS

Biochemistry studies chemical components of living creatures -- from viruses to mammals -- to explain how and why chemical reactions happen. Biochemists explore the molecular nature of cells, study the development of illnesses, search for new drugs, predict undeveloped/inherited health problems and help forensic experts identify criminals. Our undergraduate curriculum includes chemistry, mathematics, physics, genetics and biology. The bachelor of science degree in biochemistry will help you pursue graduate study, attend health-related professional schools, or work in entry-level positions at laboratories or in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Learn more

Chemistry master's degrees

We offer three tracks for advanced study: a professional science master's (PSM) degree and both thesis and non-thesis master's tracks. Read more details or view the chemistry master's program page.

Forensic science