GST 303: Leadership in Your Field

GST 303: Leadership in Your Field is a three-credit online course designed as a means of earning academic credit based on leadership, social ethics and professional development. Through reading, assignments, class discussion, reflection, interaction in the community and advisement, students will develop time-management plans, self-awareness and self-marketing materials to guide the development of progression in the workplace. Students will be required to have a community field experience with a minimum of 30 hours in the community in addition to the online assignments.

GST 101: Professional Skills Preparatory Course

Through the GST 101: Professional Skills Preparatory Course, students will examine, define and equip themselves with the critical skills and workplace competencies employers' desire in successful candidates for employment. These professional skills assist students in obtaining valuable volunteer/community service/service learning, internships, Co-ops and jobs, and give job candidates a competitive advantage in the workplace.