Credit Verification

Some organizations will require a letter verifying that you will be receiving academic credit as a student intern. If your internship site requests a credit verification letter from you, please complete this credit verification request and we will forward the letter to your internship site. Credit verification letters are sent only for students who register for academic credit. If you do not register for credit, your internship site will be notified.

Oswego Children's Project internships

The Oswego Children's Project is an elementary-school based program that works with pre at-risk children in the Oswego City School District through the implementation of play techniques. It is a two-semester internship for juniors and seniors.  Students start the OCP Program in the fall semester and return for a second semester in the spring. Students earn a total of six credits (three for each semester), once they successfully complete the program. 

Walt Disney World internships

SUNY Oswego students have the opportunity to spend a semester in Orlando, Florida, as a full-time intern at Walt Disney World. Students participate in the program during the fall, spring or summer semesters (see the academic requirements below).  The program is for juniors and seniors with a minimum 2.5 GPA requirement.