At SUNY Oswego internships and co-ops are planned, registered experiences that allow you to explore and confirm your career options, and help boost your resume as you apply for jobs. You can find internships and co-ops that match your academic and career fields in a variety of local, national and international placements. As a small sample, our internship locations include Biogen, IBM, KPMG, MTV, the NASA Jet Propulsion Center and Saturday Night Live. 

Throughout your internship/co-op you’ll learn new skills every step of the way. In the beginning, you’ll become familiar with the job search process and hone your interview skills. During the internship or co-op, you’ll develop a network of professional contacts and gain foundational knowledge. After completing the program, you’ll have a competitive resume and great job experience.

Internships vs. Co-ops

Which hands-on learning experience is right for you? Both experiences have similar benefits, but do have distinct differences. Co-ops are more likely to lead to a job offer, while internships are more like trial runs to discover what you like and don't like about a job site or career field.


  • Unpaid or paid
  • Spans full semester or term
  • Part-time or full-time, still take classes
  • Credit-bearing (counts towards degree)
  • 1-12 credits in Fall/Spring/Summer, 1-3 credits Winter (40 site hours per credit)
  • Internships are graded H (Honors), S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) and are not calculated into a student’s cumulative GPA (some departments may have different grading modes)
  • Part of tuition Fall and Spring, Cost per credit for Summer/Winter
  • GST 498 - Undergraduate Internship
  • GST 691 - Graduate Internship
  • See catalog for departmental specific internships and requirements


Internship/Co-op Instructions and Registration

If you're thinking about applying for an internship or co-op we recommend planning as early as possible and becoming familiar with each phase in the process.

Earning academic credit for your internship or enrolling in a full-time co-op experience is beneficial for a variety of reasons. In lieu of taking classes, you’ll gain real-world experience in your career field applying the knowledge you’ve already learned.  Through the registration process EXCEL is able to verify your work site to ensure it is legal and credible- helping you to have the best work experience possible. 

Internship/Co-op Instructions

My internships have given me more hands-on experience. I'm not only sitting in a classroom, but I am able to be active and travel within my own campus and community to get work done. This type of experience gave me more opportunities to work in a way I enjoy; every day isn't the same and there is variety in my work days.

My co-op experience with Saab Sensis has certainly tested the foundations built in class, while building upon it with a rich depth of exposure to the industry. The challenges I face working on a dynamic team of software engineers will indubitably help in not only finishing my degree, but continuing my career in the software industry as well.

SUNY Oswego has given me the opportunity to participate in numerous internship programs. Each experience has helped me in both my educational and professional path, and gave me the industry insight on where I want my career to go in the future.


Tina Cooper
Internship/Co-op Site Coordinator

Sheila Cooley
Associate Director

EXCEL Office
145 Marano Campus Center