Internship and Co-op Instructions

There are four phases to securing an internship or co-op:

Phase 1: Review your Eligibility and Plan with your academic advisor

Phase 2: Search and apply for your internship or co-op

Phase 3: Register for academic credit     

Phase 4: Complete your experience and academic assignments.   

Eligibility and criteria

Before beginning your internship/co-op search, be aware that there are specific eligibility criteria you must meet in order to apply for an internship and register for academic credit.

  • Must be a junior, senior or graduate student
  • Must have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Working at only one internship/co-op site a semester
  • Transfer and graduate students must complete one academic semester in major/program
  • Some organizations will require a “credit verification letter” to verify that you are eligible and planning on receiving credit. Please fill out the credit verification request form and we will forward a letter to your internship site. If you do not register for credit you will need to notify the site.
  • International students should be aware that there are additional regulations if you're studying on an F-1 visa.  

Phase 1 - Plan Ahead

We highly recommend planning as early as possible for your internship/co-op experience. At the very latest you should start planning the semester before you begin work onsite.

  • Meet with your academic advisor or internship coordinator
      Discuss whether an internship or co-op is more appropriate
      Decide which type of credit you should register for, and review any additional major/program prerequisites, requirements, and restrictions
  • Review internship standards, which will give an overview of important items you should know before you begin to apply for an internship/co-op and register for credit
  • Review internship/co-op application and Learning Agreement timeline and deadlines  
Internship Standards Timeline and Deadlines

Phase 2 - Search and Apply for an Internship/Co-op

Visit the Compass Resource Center, 145 Marano Campus Center, for guidance as you begin to search and apply for an internship or co-op. Career Services can help organize your resume, write a cover letter, and prepare for an interview.

Search for an internship or co-op

Search for internships through Handshake, SUNY Oswego's internship and job platform. You can personalize your search criteria to match your major, location and interests. Handshake also lets you upload your resume and save job applications. If you have any questions or need help, contact the Office of Career Services

Search For An Opportunity

Phase 3 - Register for an Internship/Co-op

While registering for an internship or co-op you will need to complete the following items:

  • Register for credit during advanced registration the semester/term before you begin your internship or co-op. Academic Calendar registration deadlines will be followed for each semester/term.
  • Have your internship or co-op verified by EXCEL and your site supervisor
  • Complete and submit the Experiential Application, meet with faculty sponsor
  • Complete the Online Learning Agreement, which will be emailed to you

Review the full instructions and fill out the form below.

Full Registration Instructions and Application  

Phase 4 - Complete your Internship/Co-op Experience and Academic Assignments

While at your internship/co-op you will be completing the academic assignments outlined by your faculty sponsor in the learning agreement.

Academic Assignment Resources