Internship Information

What is an internship?

The Center for Experiential Learning offers academic credit to undergraduate and graduate students who meet the program requirements and participate in internships. An academic internship is a pre-planned upper division learning experience which builds upon what has been learned in the classroom setting. The goal of an internship is to offer students an opportunity to apply their theoretical background and skills to an experiential situation and explore a specific career field/s. Internships can be unpaid or paid experiences, students can earn academic credit for ONE internship per semester.

Although the intern is expected to make a significant contribution to the workplace, college level learning must be the central focus of all internships. Credit is awarded not just for the hours you work at the internship site, but also for the academic component (required assignments) of your internship as outlined on the required learning agreement. Student interns will complete an Experiential Learning Application to apply to our program and, upon acceptance, develop a Learning Agreement to complete with a faculty sponsor within their major. The learning agreement will include the type of credit to be earned, information on the internship site, number of hours to be worked, the duties of the internship, the learning objectives of the student as well as the academic assignments to be completed.  Learning Agreements are electronic and are submitted to your faculty sponsor, internship site supervisor and the Director of the Center for Experiential Learning electronically for approval. (Visit the Internship Instructions page to get started).

Students work with both a college faculty sponsor and the supervisor at the internship. Internships can be unpaid or paid experiences and students can earn a total of 15 academic internship credits towards their degree requirements. Students can earn GST or department credit (based on availability). Credit is available in the fall, spring, summer and winter sessions.  Tuition for summer and winter session internships is billed by the credit hour like any other academic course. View the work hours/academic credit chart.