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Internship Information for Employers

List your internship and co-op opportunities with SUNY Oswego

You can make your internship and co-op opportunities available to our students quickly and easily.  Select the type of position you have to get started:

-Internship and/or co-op that will be available on a regular basis (follow Experience Network instructions below).

-Internship and/or co-op that will be offered one time only (you may have hired a student)

-Part-time or full time JOBS - visit our Career Services Office

Experience Network for internships and co-ops available on a regular basis:

For positions that you would like to offer on a regular basis, you can create an account and complete a simple one page form in our  The Experience Network.  Your opportunities will be visible to students right away and you can choose to have students submit their resumes directly to you through The Experience Network.  Please feel free to list as many positions as your organization has available.  If your organization has part or full-time jobs for our students, please visit the Career Services web site.

If this is your first time using The Experience Network, click the link to register.  If you already have an account, log in and get started.

(Please note that by submitting your opportunities you agree that you understand and will adhere to the U.S. Department of Labor's Fair Standards Act):

 What is an internship?

An internship is the supervised, paid or unpaid, placement of a student in a business, industry, non-profit agency, governmental unit,or other work setting for a semester or summer for college credits. Internships are designed to enhance a students' education, broaden their understanding of a career and provide assistance to their internship location.

All internships must be preplanned beginning early in the semester prior to the anticipated experience. For the experience to be of value to the agency or company as well as a learning tool for the student, the intern must receive meaningful tasks to perform or projects to complete. The U.S. Department of Labor has standards that organizations must follow when hiring student interns; you can view them under The U.S. Department of Labor's Fair Standards Act.

The intern must submit an internship application to our office by the semester deadline, followed by a learning agreement to be completed with the internship site supervisor and a college faculty sponsor and academic advisor. The student obtains the application and learning agreement from our website.

The amount of academic credit awarded for an internship is determined by the amount of time the student works at the site.  Students must be enrolled for internship credit during the time the internship hours are worked. Students are required to work at their internship site 40 hours for each credit to be earned. For example, a three-credit internship would require 120 total hours of work at the internship site. View the work hours to academic credit chart.

  • Fall or spring semester: one to 12 credits are available
  • Summer:  one to 12 credits are available
  • Winter Session:  one to three credits are available

What is a Co-op?

A Co-op is an educational program where students can get hands-on experience in their field of study through working in a professional environment. In Co-op, students enter a partnership with the school and an employer to gain practical experience relevant to their major. It is full-time, paid employment that lasts as long as six months. Because Co-op is a non-credit bearing educational program, students do not pay tuition for this program.

Employer benefits

  1. Assistance for short-term projects.
  2. Additional assistance for regular staff.
  3. Help with projects requiring special skills or knowledge (computer, graphics, public relations, etc).
  4. Alerts supervisory staff to new methods and concepts.
  5. Allows the supervisor to influence the educational program.
  6. Provides a trial period for possible future employees.
  7. Provides administrators and professionals with a link to the college.

Employer responsibilities

  1. Provide the Center for Experiential Learning with a detailed position description.
  2. Interview and select a student.
  3. Sign the student's learning agreement and support the learning progression of the student.
  4. Provide orientation and any necessary training.
  5. Provide a safe work environment and introduce student to facilities.
  6. Adhere to the U.S. Department of Labor's Fair Standards Act.
  7. Designate a site supervisor to explain company expectations and responsibilities and assist with learning objectives, confer regularly with the student and monitor progress.
  8. Provide adequate supervision and training for the student as well as assignments that are career-related, progressive and challenging.
  9. Provide the student with feedback regarding his/her performance throughout the work experience.
  10. Contact the Center for Experiential Learning if there are any questions or problems concerning the student, for example, a change in work status, schedule or performance.
  11. Allow a representative of SUNY Oswego to visit the work site to confer with the student and his/her supervisor.
  12. Complete a final written evaluation of the student's performance on a college-provided form. The evaluation form will be used by the faculty sponsor in determining the student's final grade.

Student responsibilities:

  1. Prerequisites: junior or senior status, 2.5 or higher GPA.  
  2. Apply to prospective placement sites early in the semester prior to the anticipated experience.
  3. Submit an internship application to the Center for Experiential Learning - for Co-ops, students need to visit our office.
  4. Develop a learning agreement with a college faculty sponsor.
  5. Complete all of the responsibilities listed on the learning agreement in a timely and professional manner.
  6. Consult with the work-site supervisor and faculty sponsor regarding any time conflicts or other problems related to the internship.
  7. Represent SUNY Oswego in a professional manner at your internship and provide valuable and reliable support to your internship site.

College responsibilities:

  • Certify the student's academic eligibility to participate in an experiential learning program.
  • Encourage the student's contribution to the goals of the employer.
  • Designate a faculty sponsor to advise the student.
  • Confer with employer personnel concerning job performance issues.
  • Evaluate student's progress during on-site visits.
  • Confer a final grade based on final evaluation from employer.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information designated by the employer as confidential.
  • Notify the employer of any change in the student's eligibility, status or field of study.
  • Enforce any additional rules or practices that are mutually agreed upon between the college and employer.
  • Ensure students are aware of the Code of Student's Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct in SUNY Oswego's Student Handbook and should adhere to those guidelines.