Center for Experiential Learning

Center for Experiential Learning offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities to SUNY Oswego undergraduate and graduate students. Over 1,000 students per year participate in our programs through Internships, Co-ops, Oswego Children’s Project, Mentor Scholar Program and General Studies Courses. Experiential learning refers to active, dynamic learning where students are introduced to the process of engaged learning outside the traditional classroom. Students may serve their community and participate in their own learning process and derive meaning from the interaction between ideas, experiences and research.

Our mission

To engage students, faculty and the community in experiential learning that will increase the students' ROI on their college education and employers will receive job-ready graduates.  The Center will take a multi-pronged approach to accomplish this:

  • Build faculty reciprocity by working with faculty on learning goals, developing a bank of project opportunities that will engage students and flip the experience outside of the classroom. Grow faculty involvement as instructors, sponsors and supporters of experiential learning.

  • Build and enhance community relationships.

  • Implement and deliver professional students prepared to lead organizations.

  • Imbue students with leadership skills and initiative to lead social change.

  • In education by developing mentoring and leadership programs.

  • In community by project, internship and co-op work that will serve as a catalyst to economic development and social change.

  • In businesses by preparing students to be professional members of the workforce.

  • Developing a tiered system of opportunities:  classroom and event opportunities, mentoring, projects, internships, and co-ops.