Graduate Internships

GST (General Studies) 691:

Graduate level internships are available for students who wish to participate in a semester long internship designed to provide a pre-professional experiential learning opportunity which relates to a students graduate program or career interest.  Students will work in an approved internship position which will provide opportunities to extend classroom learning and to analyze, synthesize and apply information, principles, and theory derived from their academic program.


  • Completion of an undergraduate degree program,

  • Graduate student standing

  • Enrollment in a graduate degree program

Students will obtain a faculty sponsor from the graduate faculty in a department or program directly related to the internship.  The faculty sponsor will provide approval of the internship placement site and its suitability for experiential learning. Faculty sponsors will also determine the graduate level academic assignments required for each intern.


Graduate student interns will register for GST 691 and can earn 2-6 credits. Follow the Internship Instructions and submit your Internship Application and Verified Position Description to the Center for Experiential Learning as soon as possible before the deadlines below:

Fall  - September 1

Winter - December 20

Spring - February 1

Summer - July 1

Learning Agreement:

Each graduate student intern will develop a learning agreement.  The learning agreement will contain:

  • The internship position responsibilities provided by the site supervisor

  • A clearly formulated set of educational learning objectives to document student learning

  • Specific academic assignments which are consistent with both the educational objectives and evaluation procedures created by the graduate faculty sponsor and student.

Full details on the required learning agreement are included in the Internship Instructions.