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After many years of housing letters of reference for students and alumni, Career Services has made a very careful and considered strategic decision to discontinue our reference service. This will be slowly phased out with a June 1 deadline for shut down. What this means for you, our valued users:


  1. Manage this process independently, on your own. You must download any non-confidential letters in your Career Services Online Reference Account by June 1, 2017. You will either need to request authors of confidential references to submit letters directly to you that are non-confidential, or they may submit confidential letters directly to a potential employer.
  2. You can start a subscription account with *Interfolio and we'll be happy to transfer your letters (both confidential and non-confidential) to your new "Dossier" account at no cost to you for the transfer of documents. Once your documents are transferred, your Career Services account will be terminated.  * We have researched and can confidently recommend a commercial system that frankly offers better options, faster service, and a great price. If you choose to continue to manage these letters through a third party, please visit the Dossier section of the Interfolio website

We will continue to transmit your letters to hiring organizations until June 1, 2017. However, as of June 2, 2017 your Career Services account will be terminated.  Click to Access your account to place orders.  FEE STRUCTURE FOR PLACING ORDERS: Order mailing fee = $6.00 per location order is sent (USPS or electronic delivery) regardless of number of references sent OR Next day mailing fee = $20.00 (can't guarantee weekend delivery or delivery on school holidays).  Payment Link for reference order.

If you have questions about this, please email us directly at: