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Group Picture of the Compass Navigators - Spring 2018

Compass Navigator Interns for the 2017-2018

Michelle Hassman

Picture of Michelle Hassman

Year: Junior
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Cognitive Science
Position: Navigator
Goals: She wants to get her master's degree in Higher Education, work at a university and help students.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: The sunsets, reading a book at the lake, Bev's Ice Cream, doing homework while eating a Fusion cake.
Clubs/Orgs.: Resident Assistant in Oneida Hall, Laker Leader, Oswego Admissions Representative Tour Guide and Compass Navigator

Ye Jin (Kelly) Lee

 Picture of Ye Jin Lee

Year: Senior
Major: Public Relations
Position: Navigator
Goals: To become a Public Relations Manager.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: The Lake!  I LOVE sitting at the lakeside and thinking about nothing!
Clubs/Orgs.: Event Coordinator of KOSA (Korean Oswego Student Association)

Brenna MacIsaac

Picture of Brenna MacIsaac

Year: Senior
Major: English
Minor: Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Position: Navigator
Goals: Editorial work, publishing my own collection of poetry!
Favorite Thing about Oswego: Fajita Grill, my friends, the selection of classes for my major and minor, swimming in the lake during the summer!
Clubs/Orgs.: The Compass, avid library goer, and she is published in the Great Lake Review!

Rachel Marcus


Picture of Rachel Marcus
Year: Junior
Major: Human Resource Management
Minor: Communication and Social Interaction
Position: Advanced Navigator
Goals: To work as a Recruitment Specialist for a big business.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: The lake and all the beautiful sunsets.
Clubs/Orgs.: Phi Beta Lambda, and SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management
Michele McAuliffe
Picture of Michele McAuliffe
Year: Junior
Major: Human Development
Minor: Communication and Social Interaction
Position: Navigator
Goals: To become a Guidance Counselor at a High School or College,  to study Non-Profit Management as a Graduate degree
Favorite Thing about Oswego: The scenery and nature of the campus as well as all the opportunities Oswego has to offer!
Clubs/Orgs.: Omicron Xi, Mentor Scholar, Outdoor Club, Ski/Snowboard Club, Habitat for Humanity Clug

Isabella Njimogu

Picture of Isabella Njimogu

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Public Justice
Position: Navigator
Goals: Her future career aspiration is to become a Lawyer or District Attorney.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: The lovely people and the lake!
Clubs/Orgs.: Senator for Student Association, DJ at WNYO, member of Del Sarte Dance and Physics Club

Stephany Rodriguez

Picture of Stephany Rodriguez

Year: Senior
Major: Public Justice
Minor: Human Development
Position: Navigator
Goals: Her goal is to get a Masters in Counseling or Criminal Justice and work for CUNY in the Career Services Office. She would love to go to high schools or middle schools giving presentations on the importance of good decision-making and the consequences of our actions.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: She loves going to Lake Ontario and watching the stars. In those moments, she is truly at peace and connected to the universe.
Clubs/Orgs.: Ritmo Latin Dance Team, social media and fundraising chair.

Alexie Rowe

Picture of Alexie Rowe

Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration
Position: Navigator
Goals: To open up a salon that caters to the needs of all people.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: The Lake!
Clubs/Orgs.: Caribbean Student Association (correspondence)

Alexis Salkey

Picture of Alexis Salkey

Year: Senior
Major: Human Resource Management
Position: Navigator
Goals: To become a Human Resource Manager - recruiting and targetting markets
Favorite Thing about Oswego: So many opportunities to become involved, clubs and organizations that suit every interest.
Clubs/Orgs.: President of the National Association of Black Accountants, Board Member of the Business Student Advisory Council, Senior Advisor of the Black Student Union, Host of WNYO Radio Show called The Mixtape

Justin Sheffer

Picture of Justin Sheffer

Year: Senior
Major: Wellness Management
Minor: Nutrition
Position: Navigator
Goals: To work in a not-for-profit organization to start off.  My long-term goal is to own and operate my own fitness facility.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: He LOVES hanging out down by the lake, and waking up every morning to the beautiful view!
Clubs/Orgs.: He has been involved with the Health Promotion and Wellness Club here on campus, and very active within my wellness management degree.  He was also involved with Mentor Oswego.

Jacob Small

Picture of Jake Small
Year: Junior
Major: Communication & Social Interaction, Spanish double majors
Minor: Expressive Arts Therapy
Position: Advanced Navigator
Goals: He will graduate from SUNY Oswego with my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and teach English abroad in a Spanish-speaking country where there is a severe need.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: He is particularly appreciative of our school's unique ability to feel so large but yet so small and close-knit.

Clubs/orgs.: Vocal Effect - Show Choir . New Student Orientation Laker Leader . Residence Life & Housing Resident Assistant . Mentor-Scholar Program Team Leader

Hannah Steffen

Picture of Hannah Steffen

Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration and Economics double major
Minor: Applied Statistics
Position: Navigator
Goals: She hopes to continue her education abroad, and work in the Information Industry as a Data Analyst.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: She LOVES the snow!!!
Clubs/orgs.: Beta Gamma Sigma and Omicron Delta Epsilon

Samira Todd

Picture of Samira Todd




Psychology and Creative Writing double major




After graduating, she plans on becoming a social worker/counselor working with at-risk youth while pursuing her Master's degree in Psychology to ultimately become a child psychologist.

Favorite Thing about Oswego:

All the nature, awesome people and the deer that randomly appear!


Zelly Vargas

Picture of Zelly Vargas

Year: Junior
Major: Human Development
Minor: Public Justice minor
Position: Navigator
Goals: After graduating, Zelly hopes to become a Human Resource Manager for a well-known company and pursue a Master's degree in Human Resources.
Favorite Thing about Oswego: Her favorite thing about Oswego is the smell of the pine trees!
Clubs/orgs.: Zelly is a member of the Black Student Union, Team One Love and BASIC.