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Campus Recreation Report

Indoor Soccer league is headed into playoffs as the Volleyball and Handball league is headed into intense competition for the regular season.


The volleyball season is underway in the CoRec recreational league, United Nations showed dominance over Two Bump Chumps with no mercy, taking all three games. Sets on the Beach beat Nothing But Net, coming back in the second and third game in a close matchup, 2-1. Kiss My Ace earns three wins against Spike Lee. 1setwonders beat the Gallaghers, 3-0 thanks to some great sets and spikes from Peter Mancarella and Seth Stopler. Spike Lee also squared off against 1setwonders, but weren’t able to do much against them. Shannon Kleespies and Hannah Scott-McGrail were dominant while serving, and DJ Manou took a dive that had him slide down half the court. I’d Hit That beat ACEHOLES 2-1, winning the first two games between them but ACEHOLES would come back in the last match 25-17. Spike Up Your Life couldn’t get anything going against 3 East Mafia, and were unable to get a win form the night. The Volleyllamas took two games against Gayle’s Book Club.


In CoRec Competitive, Abusement Park gets one win against Gab Likes to Get Bumped, but Gab Likes to Get Bumped ran away in the second game. The third game took one extra serve, as Gab Likes to Get Bumped walked away from the court with a 26-24 win. Gab Likes to Get Bumped also took three wins over Sets Tips Digs. Funnelle Staff beat Sets Tips Digs 2-1 in some back and forth play. That’s What She Set took three games against Funnelle Staff.


The Men’s recreational volleyball league also had a few games this past week, as Car Ramrod won against Practice Safe Sets 3-0. OFC Phlat Top Gang ran away with their game, 25-12 and had two wins on the night. In their next game against Practice Safe Sets, OFC Phlat Top Gang was able to take all three games. Mike Rotolo and Noah Jones had some great spikes. Hot Sets won three for three against Gayle’s Book Club. Varsity Barkers beat The Gallaghers 2-1. Sets on the Beach matched up against Bumpin’ Uglies in an exciting finish where two of three games went to extra serves as the first game was won by Sets on the Beach 26-24, Bumpin’ Uglies rallied in the second game, winning 29-27. The last game was won by three, as Sets on the Beach took it 25-22. I’d Hit That wins all three games against United Nations. ZBT took two wins against Car Ramrod, rallying back after they lost the first game.

In other sports, the Indoor soccer men’s competitive league’s regular season closes out with several tight games, a few barnburners, and a draw! Petr Cech Yourself rallied for 8 goals against ABCDE FC, in a shutout win. Timmy Mascia had 5 goals to cement the victory. ABCDE FC would win their next game against Abusement Park 3-2, as Brian Gordinier scored all three for his team. Average Joes tie Edgar’s Team in the men’s recreational league game. Swetman Foot Fairies took a close one from Give It ToThe Italians, 5-3. Psycedelic Salamanders sneak past Kappa Sigma by just a goal in the 5-4 contest, Max Papele and Austin Zsedely both had two goals for their teams. Petr Cech Yourself drops the ball to We Don’t Messi Round 3-5. Oswego’s Finest roll by Where’s The Lamb Sauce?? 9-1.


In the Men’s Competitive Handball league, Create A Team defeats Broman Empire 8-2. Ryan Franz and Casey Cohan both had a hat trick to lift Create A Team.  Create A Team is at the top of the leaderboard with a 4-0 record remaining as the only undefeated team in the League.  Fury of Balls only loss of the season that is to Create A Team, who will have one more game after spring break to improve their record to 3-1 heading into playoffs.