Walking to Wellness

Do you think that you walk more than your coworkers and friends? Join the challenge to compete against each other to see who takes more steps through the month of April.

There are numerous benefits to both walking and staying active especially during times like these.  This program will be run a little differently as Campus Recreation is making it a self directed program on your own and within the required social distancing.  We will still be having prizes and water bottles but those will be handed out at a later date.

Each day, simply wear any type of tracker you have to track your steps. At the end of the day, mark your calendars with the total number of steps. Each Wednesday you will receive a Google Form, which will ask how many steps you took in the past week. We ask you to please indicate on the form the total weekly amount.  You must submit this by Fridays at 12noon, to be entered into the weekly prize!

To sign up email, cassandra.mason@oswego.edu

Sponsored by Campus Recreation and EAP.

Calendar to track your steps