About Take-5 Fridays

Campus Recreation encourages students to set your electronics down for just five minutes each Friday in March. You are encouraged to take five minutes to yourself, unplug and try something new, meditate, relax, breathe, take a walk, do yoga, or grab a healthy snack. 

Put your phone down and unplug, pick one thing to do for the 5 Minute Challenge:

Friday, March 5

  • Take 5 minutes from any distractions:  Go outside, breathe, and disconnect because you deserve it. You can choose to do anything that will help you.
  • Take 5 minutes and draw something:  All you need is a pen/pencil, paper, and your drawing inspiration.
  • Take 5 minutes more Ideas:  National day of unplugging

Friday, March 12

Take 5 Minutes to Meditate and Relax:  Set a timer for five minutes, so you can relax and not worry about missing appointments.

Relax Your Body
Just close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths from your diaphragm and release the tension in your body.

Focus on a five-count breath:
1. Slowly inhale from the belly
2. Then into ribs
3. Then into chest
4. Up into the crown of the head
5. Then gently hold the breath for the fifth count

Reverse this process on the exhale for another count of five, exhaling from the crown, chest, ribs, belly, pausing on the last bit of breath out of the body, and then begin again.

Try to visualize the tension leaving your body from your head to your feet, either as imagining that the stress is literally draining from you through your toes, escaping your body with every breath, or simply melting away. Concentrating on your breath while you are imagining releasing your stress and tension helps give you something to focus on while also reaping the potent benefit of deep breaths.

Take 5 minutes and talk to someone:  Talking to a family member or friend is a good way to relieve stress.  Talking with others may help people cope with problems and prevent them from turning to unhealthy behavior such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or binge eating.  The conversations can be short and about anything.  In the end, after just 5 minutes of talking, you might be surprised that you can look at something in a new and different way.

Take 5 minutes to Drink a Glass of Water:  Hydration is important whether you are at work, home, or school. Most people do not realize that they are not drinking enough water. The standard goal is to aim for 64 ounces of water a day. Take five minutes to drink eight ounces of water.

Friday, March 19

• Take 5 minutes to Make Breakfast for Yourself
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make something you have never tried before or that you normally would not eat because you do not have time. You can make eggs and toast in about five minutes.

• Take 5 minutes to Smile
Find a mirror and smile away. Smile at yourself when you are in front of a window or a glass door. Flip down that visor in your car and give yourself a smile when you are stopped at the next light. Smile at a friend, family member, pet, or someone you do not know until they smile back. If you do not feel like smiling hold your mouth in a smile, use your fingers to pull up the corners of your mouth if you must. Soon the endorphins will make you feel like smiling.

• Take 5 minutes to Start Your Bucket List
Take five minutes and start a list of things you would like to do in your life. Do not worry about getting everything on the list. You can just dream about all the places you would like to travel or things you would like to do. You can also set small goals for yourself or reflect on all the things you have accomplished.

Friday, March 26

• Take 5 minutes to Nap
There's a lot to be said for the power nap. I find that when I am exhausted, even a five-minute nap can be refreshing and provide an excellent opportunity to get some alone time.

• Take 5 minutes for a Foot Soak
Give your feet a rest with a five-minute foot soak in the tub or a water basin. Soaking in bath salts is an excellent way to take some time to yourself, relax, and ease tired feet. You do not need to buy expensive salts. A cup of Epsom salt will work fine, or for added relaxation and aromatherapy, you can sprinkle in dried herbs such as lavender or chamomile.

• Take 5 minutes to Call a Time Out for Yourself
This is a great one, remember when you were young and did not like timeouts. Instead of your parent or guardian calling a time out for you, call an official time out for yourself. Take a few moments and go to your room to meditate, stretch, or just sit in silence. No matter where you take your time out, try to find somewhere quiet.