Oswego REC well-being is designed to educate, provide resources and encourage employees and students to maintain and improve their overall health as well as live a healthy lifestyle.

Commit to be Fit

Fitness is important part of our overall health but what is fitness? Fitness doesn't have to be lighting weights or running a marathon, it can just be being active. Being fit helps keep blood pressure under control, helps with stiff muscles, and helps us maintain emotions in a healther way.

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Health Promotion and Wellness

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What you eat matters!

Eating well is fundamental to our good health and well-being. By eating healthy, it can help with weight loss, heart health, strong bones and teeth, increase energy levels and put someone in a better mood as well as show increased memory and brain health. 

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Managing your Mental Health

Nurturing our mental health can help combat mental health problems that can sometimes be associated with physical illness as well as help managing stress. Especially during these times; everyone should do their best to stay positive!

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Mental Health benefits from Eating Healthy