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Seniors 2017

Many paid positions and opportunities exist for students to work in Campus Recreation. A variety of part-time employment positions are available for responsible, reliable, and conscientious students. Both work study and temporary service candidates are welcome to apply. Intramurals rely on our enthusiastic student staff to contribute to the success of the program and assist in all aspects of the events.

Campus Recreation Employees of the Month

Employment opportunities

How do I apply for a job with Campus Recreation?

Send an email to, with the following:

  • Job title you are applying for as the email subject
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter (the job you are applying for should be included in the cover letter)
  • 3 references
  • American Red Cross Certification (if job applying for requires it)

*References must contain: Name, Title, Relationship, Email and Phone Number.  One of these references must be an Oswego State professional.*


What jobs are available for next semester?


Non-Federal Work Study Position
Federal Work Study Positions

Job descriptions

Student positions include:

Employee Manual