Campus Recreation Cooking Demo Program and more

10/1 Week 1 Dinner:  One-Pan Chicken And Veggies

10/5 Week 2 Breakfast:  Make ahead easy and fast breakfast on the go:  Three Healthy Breakfasts In A Muffin Tin

10/12 Week 3 Lunch:    Five Packable Lunches Loaded With Protein

3 Easy Healthy Sandwich Recipes (Work & School Lunch Ideas), 

EASY 5 Minute Lunch Recipes | Healthy Lunch Ideas

3 Easy, Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

10/19 Week 4 Salads: Satisfying Salads That Don't Suck

Healthy Chicken Salads 4 Ways 

Three Easy Healthy Salad-In-A-Jar recipes with just 5-ingredients each!

5 Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes

10/26 Week 5 Meal we all can make:  Healthier Pasta 4 Ways 

Healthy Burger with Fries Meal

Easy Cheese Quesadillas or 7 Loaded Cheesy Quesadillas or Breakfast Quesadillas - for a healthier twist use whole wheat tortillas and spray olive oil for the pan!

Eating Healthy @ the Dining Hall 

SUNY Oswego Dining Virtual Tour Fall 2020

Choosing a healthy option at the dining hall is easy.  Eat fresh, stay healthy!

Suny Oswego dining services are dedicated to helping students maintain a healthy lifestyle, by providing the information and support needed to make healthy choices. 

It is all about what you choose:

  • Do you know the dining hall has a Nutri-Station:  Video File Healthy Lunch 2
  • Eating Healthy in the Dining Center Tips
  • What are you going to eat today?:  Here is today's Campus dining menu and every selection has detailed nutrition fact labels.
  • Meet an expert: Kathryn Szklany, the registered dietitian works with students to meet their individual needs if you have a food allergy/intolerance or other special dietary needs. Please complete this form or contact or 315.312.3284 to set up an appointment.  
  • Ask the Registered Dietitian questions, read, and follow the Oswego Nutrition blog "Happy, Healthy, Lakers!"  for current nutrition topics geared toward college students. 

Habits and Practices to foster healthy eating




  • Smart Snacking
  • Have cut-up vegetables and fruit for a quick snack
  • Place fresh fruit in a bowl on your table or counter
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Resources and Recipes to support eating well

Connect with others about eating healthy

Participant tips and tricks:

Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to Your Meals

So I am a College Student, I still want Fast Food, what do I do?

Do you want Chipotle food? Here are some you can make at home:  4 DIY Chipotle Recipes

Participant photos:

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Participant videos: 

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