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PDF icon Skate and Shoot Info & Schedule for 2017-18

The objective of SUNY Oswego's Skate and Shoot program is to provide a casual, non-aggressive environment in which members of the campus community are able to practice and develop ice hockey related skills, such as skating maneuverability, stick handling and shooting accuracy.  There is no charge to participate in this program, which takes place on regular days & times at the Marano Campus Center Ice Arena.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact Tim Graber,  Manager of the SUNY Oswego Skate Shop, at

Participate at Your Own Risk

Participants of SUNY Oswego's Skate and Shoot program acknowledge that ice skating and other hockey-related activities are potentially hazardous activities that present an inherent risk of serious personal injury.  Those who participate in Skate and Shoot sessions do so at their own risk, and agree to accept responsibility for their own health & safety while on the ice.  Participants who become injured or need assistance during a Skate and Shoot session should seek help from an on-duty Program Coordinator.

Skate and Shoot Program Information

  • PARTICIPATION is open to SUNY Oswego student, faculty and staff - and their spouses & children (age 18 and over).  A valid SUNY Oswego ID must be presented to the Program Coordinator before participation will be allowed.  Spouses/children of SUNY Oswego members will be required to present their spouse's or parent's ID, along with a form of personal identification (such as a driver's license). 
  • CHECK-IN AND GEARING UP for Skate and Shoot sessions will take place at Visitor Locker Rooms A & B.  These locker rooms will be available 15 minutes before, and 30 minutes after the scheduled ice time.
  • REQUIRED EQUIPMENT for all participants includes: HECC Approved Hockey Helmet with Full Facemask, Hockey Gloves, Hockey Skates, and Ice Hockey Stick (with plugged end).   [THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.]  Recommended equipment includes: Elbow Pads, Shin Guards, Mouth Guards.  Participants must provide their own equipment.  Participants who want to act as goal tenders must provide and wear full goal tending gear. 
  • WAIVERS OF LIABILITY must be signed by all participants upon check-in, before being allowed on the ice.
  • SESSIONS WILL BE LIMITED to the first 25 participants who check-in with the coordinator.
  • HOCKEY PUCKS and a "SHOOTER TUTOR" will be provided by the on-site Program Coordinator.  Participants should make sure all pucks are returned at the end of the session or they will no longer be provided.

Skate and Shoot Rules

  • Slap shots are prohibited.
  • Aggessive body contact and checking are prohibited.
  • Racing, horseplay or activities which may interfere with other participants are prohibited.
  • Food, drink (other than water), gum, candy and tobacco products are prohibited from the ice and bench areas.
  • Use of headphones is prohibited while on the ice.
  • Participants must comply with the instructions of the Program Coordinators, and must cooperate with other participants when shooting on goal or otherwise using the ice.
  • Anyone who apprears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will not be allowed to participate.
  • Participants who violate the rules for Skate and Shoot, or are otherwise disruptive, will be required to leave the ice for the remainder of the session.

Schedule of Skate and Shoot Sessions

The schedule of Skate and Shoot sessions for the current season can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the link below:

PDF icon skate_and_shoot_schedule_2017-18.pdfSkate and Shoot Info & Schedule for 2017-18

See Google calendar of scheduled Skate and Shoot sessions