Reserve space

Interested in hosting your conference at SUNY Oswego? We’d love to work with you! In order to arrange a successful conference, we do ask that you begin planning for your conference at least one year in advance.  

To help us help you, please complete the online inquiry form and submit your information. Once your information has been received the conference coordinator will be in touch to review your information and address any questions. We recommend you read over our Camps and Conferences Planning Guide for a suggested timeline and information our coordinator needs for a successful, stress free event.

Event detail confirmation

To ensure that your conference is a success, all conference details must be finalized two weeks prior the conference start date – this includes space, resource and support service confirmation. Details not finalized prior to the two week deadline cannot be guaranteed and may not be accommodated.


Certificate of liability insurance requirements
Off-campus organizations using SUNY facilities must provide the conference coordinator with a copy of the organizations Certificate of Liability Insurance two weeks (14 days) prior to the conference start date. The Certificate of Liability Insurance must include the following:

  • General Liability insurance two million dollars ($2,000,000) each occurrence and two million dollars ($2,000,000) in the aggregate;
  • New York State Workers’ Compensation and disability insurance during the term of the revocable permit for the benefit of organizations employees required to be covered under the NYS Workers’ Compensation Law and the NYS Disability Benefits Law.

Hosting a children’s camp
For conferences that are defined as a Children’s Camp by New York Public Health Law § 1392, must provide SUNY Oswego with a copy of its camp operator permit issued by the New York State Commissioner of Health upon execution of the Permit, and not later than two weeks (14 days) before the scheduled use of University facilities.


Facilities use
Arena and Convocation Center
Tent permit
Lakeside activity space