Reservation forms

A valid email address is required to complete the form. Submit requests at least 3 full business days in advance of the event. Confirmations will be sent via email from your event planner. Please note that it takes our office 3 to 5 business days to process a request. In certain circumstances, this time frame may be extended due to the number of events submitted prior to your submission. Remember that planning ahead is always most conducive to a successful event!

If you are unsure as to which of the forms listed below is appropriate for your event, take a look at the descriptions below them to help you decide. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office where one of our staff would be happy to help you.

Recurring Student Organization Meeting Request Form

Choose this form for recurring student organization meetings.

Marano Campus Center Tabling Request Form 

This form will be available August 21, 2017 for fall semester requests.

Event Space Request Form

Choose this form for events sponsored by campus departments and student organizations. Examples include: meetings, presentations, receptions, workshops, etc. This form is also used to request bonfires at the lake.


Class-Related Activities Space Request Form

Choose this form for class related activities scheduled outside a course's meeting time or an assigned classroom. Examples include: review sessions, films, discussions and hands-on computer instruction. To request a change in classroom assignment, contact the Registrar's Office



Campus Recreation Facilities Request Form

Any campus organization, residence hall or department may reserve Campus Recreation facilities for campus-related activities. Student organizations wishing to use Campus Recreation facilities must be registered through The Point. Off-campus groups wishing to reserve these spaces should contact the Event Management Office directly at (315) 312-2301 for more information.


 Laker Athletic Facility Request For Registered Club Organizations

This form is intended for use by registered club organizations only.  The facilities available for reservations are Romney Field House, Laker Turf Stadium, Max Ziel Gymnasium, Auxiliary Gymnasium and the Laker Hall Pool.


Laker Raquetball and Squash Courts Request Form

Use this form to reserve racquetball/squash court time at Laker Hall. Use of these courts is available to SUNY Oswego faculty, students, and staff.


Penfield Library Space Request Form

Follow this link to find the forms to reserve the Lake Effect Cafe, the Lake Effect Conference room or the Multimedia Production Room in Penfield library.


Auxiliary Services Space Request Form

Follow this link to find the forms and information on procedures used to reserve the Fallbrook facilities.