Recurring Student Organization Meeting Room Request Form

Use this form to request space for recurring (weekly, biweekly, etc.) meetings for student organizations. To schedule both general meetings and executive boards meetings, submit one request for the general meetings and one for the executive board meetings.

The Reservations Coordinator (listed in the organization’s Laker Life roster) is responsible for submitting room requests. The Event Management Office will only review and process requests submitted by a Reservations Coordinator.

Confirmations for Spring 2018 meetings will be emailed to the Reservations Coordinator beginning January 15, 2018. Due to the demand for student organization meeting space, meetings are limited to three hours. Beginning February 5, 2018, reservations coordinators may email to request changes to their reservation (location, meeting time, length of meeting.)

If your organization plans on holding a special event during its regular recurring meeting time, the Reservations Coordinator is responsible for emailing any special requests to at least five business days prior to the meeting.

To book space for a special event, complete the Event space request form.