Rates and fees

Below is a list of rates/fees you may encounter when planning your conference or camp. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Camps and Conferences, 315.312.2301.

Meeting spaces

Sheldon Ballroom

$500 per day, flat rate


Up to 4 hours: $30 an hour
4-8 hours: $25 an hour
More than 8 hours: $250 day, flat rate

Convocation floor

$600 per day, flat rate
$20 set up fee, per hour, per staff member

Food activity court

$350 a day, flat rate


Up to 4 hours: $45 an hour
4-8 hours: $ 40 an hour
More than 8 hours: $350, flate rate

Ice sheet*

Up to 8 hours: $150 an hour
More than 8 hours: $500, flat rate

*Technical fees and support are not included, but will be applied


AV equipment and wireless

There is a $150 one time for a wireless connection. Other AV support and equipment costs will be determined based on need as requested.

Accommodation and dining

These rates can be given by your conference coordinator by request.


A $100 flat fee may be applied or for smaller events $1 parking permits may be purchased for each vehicle.


$40 per hour/per officer


A 15% service fee will be added to the subtotal prior to any discounts.