Open Skating & Skate Shop Services


(Posted 08/09/2020)  Regular Open Skate activities have been suspended until further notice.  

(Posted 08/09/2020)  Skate and Shoot sessions (which were open to SUNY Oswego students only), will NOT be taking place during the FALL, 2020 semester.  


Open Skate Schedules

When available schedules of Open Skate sessions for the current season can be downloaded (in PDF format) by clicking the link(s) below:


The Open Skate schedule is also available as a Google Calendar

IMPORTANT:  In compliance with the SUNY-wide Child Protection Policy, Children under the age of 17 MUST be accompanied by a PARENT or ADULT GUARDIAN (18 years or older) at ALL times while on campus to attend this program.

About Open Skating at SUNY Oswego

Open Skate sessions take place at the Marano Campus Center Arena and Convocation Center, and are managed by the SUNY Oswego Skate Shop - which operates as part of the programs and services provided by the Department of Campus Life.  The mission of the Skate Shop is to provide a safe, controlled, and enjoyable environment for members of the campus community and general public to participate in ice skating as a recreational activity.   

Participants enter the arena through the main doors at the lower level of the Marano Campus Center.

Stanley Cup

Contact Information

The SUNY Oswego Skate Shop occupies room 24 of the Marano Campus Center, which is located adjacent to the Open Skate lobby area on the lower level of the Arena and Convocation Center.  The Skate Shop can be reached by phone at (315) 312-2578 during regular operating hours (see schedule below).  Those who have questions, concerns or suggestions regarding SUNY Oswego's Open Skate program can also e-mail Tim Graber, the Skate Shop's manager, at

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Parking for the General Public

Members of the general public who are visiting the SUNY Oswego campus to attend an Open Skate session must obtain a Visitor's Parking Permit from the SUNY Oswego Parking Office.  This can be done in person, from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday - or online anytime.  (Please visit the Parking Office website for more details.)

Those who are visiting the SUNY Oswego campus to attend an Open Skate session should park in LOT E-1 (the lakeside parking lot across the road from the Marano Campus Center).  Please refer to the SUNY Oswego Parking Map to verify the location of this lot.