EMS Portal

(Formerly Virtual EMS)

Browse for Space and Events

SUNY Oswego's virtual EMS has replaced the Webviewer.  It can be used to browse facilities, events, and spaces.

The Browse for Space page is a read-only page that displays all the rooms in which you can schedule an event along with the availability information for each room (based on the current day’s date) in a grid view. To open the Browse Space page, under Browse, click Browse for Space.

   To Browse for Space:
   1 - Click on Browse and select Browse for Space
   2 - Click on Filter and select a Date and Facility (building); click Apply

   You can do the following on the Browse for Space page: 
   • Place your cursor over an event entry to open the Event Details popup, which displays information for the event.
   • Click the Room Name to open the Location Details popup (not yet available)

   To Browse for Events:
   1 - Click on Browse and select Browse Events 
   2 - Click on Filter, complete your search criteria, then click on Apply

Request Space for an Event