Digital Signage

Digital signage is a visual communications medium that informs students, faculty, staff and visitors about the happenings at SUNY Oswego. Several large LCD screens are placed in strategic locations in campus buildings that display digital slides and digital video. The digital signage system also provides up-to-date weather information, television feeds and serves as a means of emergency communication.

Before you submit: Does your slide have the date, time and location on it? Is the aspect ratio 4x3?

Members of the campus community who wish to have digital slides or digital video displayed on the Digital Signage system can submit their content to

*If you do not receive a response to your content submission within five (5) business days, please call the Department of Campus Life at 312.2301.

Before creating and submitting digital slides or digital video for display on the Digital Signage system, please review the Digital Signage Policy and the Digital Signage Content and Format Requirements.

Questions about digital signage should be directed to