Co-Sponsored "Covered Activities"

Third party organizations and educational institutions may co-sponsor “Covered Activities” with the University. For co-sponsored activities, the University and the co-sponsor have a shared responsibility for custody, control and supervision of the children who are participating in the activity. Co-sponsors from outside organizations who participate in “Covered Activities” must acknowledge receipt and agree to abide by the following requirements as outlined in the Child Protection Policy.

Third party organizations who bring children under the age of 17 to visit or participate in co-sponsored programs/activity, must review in advance of the scheduled program/activity the SUNY-wide Child Protection Policy and the Policy on Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. In addition, all third party organizations must sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt of SUNY Oswego's Child Protection Policy Conduct Requirements and return with-in 5 business days of the schedule program/activity.