SCOPE is now the premiere supply chain and operations management organization on the Oswego campus! Don't worry, we are an organization for ALL majors. We specialize in teaching you techniques, models, modules, and more that will give you a leg up on the competition and increase your job readiness. 

In the organization we have learned about data management, data analysis, project management, time management, and more. We do traditional activities and learning exercises but we also hear multiple presentations a semester from top notch professionals who are working in the field right now. Some of these speakers include the supply chain manager for Budweiser, and the purchasing manager from Novelis. 

All memberships now come with a free subscription to APICS, the largest worldwide association for supply chain managers and operations managers. APICS allows you to connect to more than 30,000+ professionals in more than 10,000 select companies. It also allows you to keep up on the latest in the business world with their APICS monthly magazine. Again, this $200+ subscription is yours for free with a membership.

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Current Officers:
President -Jim David (
Vice President - Kevin Lamantia (
Secretary - Dylan Goldstein (
Treasurer - Daniel Valastro (
Reservations Coordinator - Lucas Reilly (
Public Relations & Advertising - Michael Fusco (
Faculty Advisors - June Dong (

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