Investment Club

The Investment Club at SUNY Oswego is a business organization that manages a portfolio of $250,000 of top companies in the Standard & Poor 500. The money was received as a generous donation from SUNY Oswego alumnus Gordon A. Lenz and Doreen Mochrie Tuohy. The club provides a unique opportunity unlike any other organization in the School of Business, because students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom to actually manage a real life stock portfolio. The club serves as a networking opportunity for students interested in the financial sector, to interact with students with similar interests and learn the Wall Street language. The club provides students an experience with a competitive edge that will put them ahead of students once they go out to the real world.

Investment Club
(L to R) Matt Hausman, Dianora De Marco,
Sean Confrey, and Brian Moore.  Photo taken in
2014 at Quinnipiac Conference in NYC.
Investment Club Photo
Investment Club 2016


Co-CEO 's
Brian Abad

Ashley Arbizu

VP of Marketing
Noah Jones

Shauncy Claud

VP of Finance
Michael Nevills

Portfolio Manager
Amy Alba

Bryan Stewart


Dr. Mary Rodgers
Professor, Finance

Dr. Graig Arcuri
Visiting Assistant Professor, Finance

Advisory Board

Mark Slayton
Director of Finance
Oswego College Foundation, Inc. 

Trygve Stout
Stout Financial Group

Ron Tascarella
Pathfinder Bank

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