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International Business Student Organization

The International Business Student Organization's (IBSO) objective is to establish links between international and American business students. IBSO's mission is to enhance cultural competencies, create a global network of alumni, international and American students in pursuit of international exposure.

Membership is open to all business majors and minors, part-time and full-time students, who have paid their SA fee and show an active interest in international experience.

Activities include extending invitations for Oswego alumni and guest speakers to share their international work experiences. The creation of the interactive IBSO alumni network will connect IBSO members to alumni, visiting scholars, guest speakers, and business professionals.  IBSO organizes workshops for business students that have completed a study abroad program or an overseas internship to share their experiences with current members.

President:  Maxmillian Chen (
Co-President:  Gregory Pasho (
Vice President:  Ryan Dadey (
Marketing Manager:  Sophia Elacqua (
Treasurer:  Ruth Perez (
Public Relations:  Louis Ofori (
Secretary:  James Goebel (
Senior Advisor:  Katherine Rodriguez (

IBSO Advisor:  Lisa McGhee-Laracuente (

Please contact or IBSO advisor for more information