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DECA has turned college into an international competiton; students studying every field of business challenge themselves with career-specific competitive events. These events complement what you learn in the classroom; in other words, DECA has something to offer every student academically and professionally.

  • Have a high GPA? Apply what you know against the world's top business schools.
  • Want a higher GPA? Take advantage of our unique learning opportunities to catch up on or get ahead in your classes.
  • Somewhere in betweeen? Use our opportunities and competitions to stand out from the rest of your peers.

DECA's focus is to "bridge the gap between the classroom and the boardroom", supplementing a student's academics with unparalleled extra-curricular learning opportunities, these being the:

  • Collegiate Leadership Academy- Held annually in Manhattan, students learn the latest industry trends through company and institutional visits, corporate interviews and behind-the-scenes tours.
  • International Career Development Conference- DECA has designed unique and comprehensive events for every major in a college of business (e.g. Accounting, Finance, Marketing etc.). Members compete in their respective events against the top business schools in the world and attend workshops and professional presentations.

Looking for something else? DECA is multifunctional; odds are we still have you covered:

  • Interested in one day starting your own business? DECA's "Entrepreneurship" event challenges you to develop a start-up prospectus and pitch it to investors.
  • Prefer to apply what you know to develop community outreach projects, transform lives and shape a better future? DECA's "Project Management" event does just that.
  • Like to sell things to people? DECA's "Professional Sales" event challenges you to choose your own product and sell it to potential buyers (judges).
  • Like to write? DECADirect-DECA's online newsletter-allows "social media correspondents" to share their experiences and ideas as they pertain to DECA. Not only does this prove you are a good writer (an invaluable skill to have); it proves to anyone reviewing your resume your drive to outperform the status quo.

Interested to learn more? Contact any of our officers, we'd be happy to talk to you.

President - Max Luttinger (
Executive Vice President -Tim Van Hine (
VP of Membership - Haley DeCarlo (
VP of Events - Matt Sheffer (
VP of Operations - Lauryn Goldstein (
VP of Finance - Greg Rabideau (
VP of Fundraising - open position
Secretary - Miranda Czechowski (
General Manager - open position

Faculty Advisor - Mary T. Rodgers, DPS CFA