Blackboard Learn - Community Groups FAQs

1. What are Blackboard Learn Community Groups?
Community Groups within Blackboard Learn are an additional feature of the Learning Management System (LMS) that allow the campus community to participate in online group activity. A Community Group is an excellent place to share resources with a group of students, a department, a project committee, or a registered student organization. In a group, you can share a calendar, post content, facilitate discussion, allow group members to submit documents, administer surveys and tests, and create teams. Groups are based-upon the concept of "leaders" and "members" rather than faculty and students. Community Groups are limited to academic and/or university related activities only.

2. Who can request a Blackboard Learn Community Group? 
Faculty and staff can request a Community Group. Student Organizations with a faculty sponsor may also request group.

3. How do I request a Blackboard Learn Community Group?
You can request a Community Group by completing the online submission form.