Pre-Med Internship (BIO 498) Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in the Pre-med Internship (BIO 498). This is a competitive internship - students must meet the required criteria below and be selected for placement by the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC).  Dr. Jim MacKenzie acts as the faculty sponsor for the program. This internship is specifically designed for Juniors and Seniors that need extensive hands-on experience to gain admission into a medical degree-granting program (MD, DO, PA, etc). Please be sure to fill out all of the fields to the best of your ability. No single answer here will qualify/disqualify you for getting an internship position, it just gives us an opportunity to learn something about you.

Minimum requirements: Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 AND evidence of progression towards application to an MD/DO/PA program.