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Maria Sagot

Assistant Professor

230 Shineman

Office hours

Monday 11-noon
Wednesday 9-noon
or by appointment

Maria Sagot


My research brings together the fields of ecology, behavior, and population genetics, to understand the relative contributions of different ecological factors, such as habitat selection and demographics, in promoting the evolution of sociality and strength of social interactions.

Specialty areas:

  • mammalogy
  • ecology
  • behavior


  • Sagot, M., & G. Chaverri. 2015. Effects of roost specialization on extinction risk in bats. Conservation Biology, in press.
  • Sagot, M., C. D. Phillips, R. D. Stevens, & R. J. Baker. 2013. Development and characterization of seventeen microsatellite loci for Peter's tent-roosting bat (Uroderma bilobatum). Conservation Genetics Resources.
  • Gillam, E., Chaverri, G., Montero, K., and Sagot, M. 2013. Social calls produced within and near the roost in two species of tent-making bats, Dermanura watsoni and Ectophylla alba. Plos One 0061731.
  • Sagot, M., B. Rodríguez-Herrera & R. Stevens. 2013. Macro and Microhabitat Associations of the Peter's Tent-Roosting Bat (Uroderma bilobatum): Human Induced Selection and Colonization? Biotropica 45: 511-519.
  • Sagot, M. 2012. Unravelling ecological effects on social behavior: insights from tent-roosting bats. Mastozoología Neotropical 19:193-194.
  • Sagot, M., & R. D. Stevens. 2011. The evolution of group stability and roost persistence: A case of study in tent-roosting bats. Biotropica 44: 90-97.
  • Sagot, M. 2004. The effects of the decline of bats. In: J. Szendeffy, D. Miller & L. Andrews (eds), CELOP. Boston University Editorial.
  • Sagot, M. 2003. Herpetofauna de mantillo comparando un bosque y un cacaotal en cinco años. (Longterm diversity study of leaf litter herpetofauna in forests and cacao plantations) In: F. Bolaños & J. Lobo (eds). Biología de Campo. Universidad de Costa Rica. Book chapter. 
  • Sagot, M. 2003. Área de corte y efecto en el flujo de agua por la lámina foliar en construcción de tiendas por parte de Artibeus watsoni (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) en Carludovica sp (Effects of tent-making by Dermanura watsoni in the water flow of Carludovica sp. leaves). In: F. Bolaños & J. Lobo (eds). Biología de campo. Universidad de Costa Rica. Book chapter.
  • Rodríguez-H, B., S. Rodríguez, & M. Sagot. 2001. Tent use in Pentagonia donnell-smithii (Rubiaceae) by Vampyressa pusilla (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) in Costa Rica. Bat Research News 42(2): 49.


Ph.D., Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University, 2012
BS, Biology, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2004