Return to Traditional Services

Return to Traditional Services for Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Residential Dining

(Effective 6/28/21)

In accordance with the Oswego Forward Plan and President Stanley’s announcement

that SUNY Oswego plans a return to fully in-person operations for the Fall of 2021

offering students the opportunity to fully enjoy the collegiate, residential environment

that is part of the hallmark SUNY Oswego experience.......


Oswego Dining will return to

Full in-person Operations

which includes

Traditional Dine-in



Meal to Go

Conflict with getting to Lunch or Dinner?

“Meals To Go” will be returning!

Pick up a Bag Lunch or Dinner at Breakfast

or a Bag Dinner at Lunch.

Variety of select items will be available in special areas of each dining center.

Access to meals will be blocked for the meal received with this service.


As part of our committment to the 2018-19 President’s Committee on

Sustainability in Dining Services and the recent Student Association

Resolution (56.11), we pledge to return to a more sustainable operation and take away options will return to our Meals to Go program.


Please help with campus Sustainability efforts to reduce waste as well as overall

quantities of trash, including keeping our beautiful Lake Ontario clean and trash free!


Keep an eye out for information regarding

additonal service and menu enhancements being planned for Fall 2021!