ID Card Photo Upload

Please submit a recent photo to use on your official Oswego ID card.

Have someone take a photo of you or take a selfie from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Photo do's....
Recent photo.  (have someone take a photo or take a selfie from your phone today!)
Looking straight at the camera
Plain, light colored neutral background
Review your picture and take another one if needed
Correct size (not too close, not too far away from the camera)

Photo dont's...
No sunglasses or hats
No filters (dog ears, bunny noses etc...)
No head tilt or chin down
No senior, prom or scanned pictures

Supported file formats for photos are .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png.
The .heic file format used by Apple is not supported.

Acceptable Photos:

Bad Photos:

Click the button below.

Lets Go Button for Photo Upload

You will be taken to "Laker LookUp".
Login using your Lakernet ID and password.
Once you are logged in click on "Upload Photo" link.

Questions or issues uploading a photo, please email the ID Office.