Geology field trips


Field trips are an essential part of the experience in the geology programs at Oswego. Being out in the field is where students learn the most applying concepts they have learned in the classroom, and have a bit of fun. Trips are often run with both upper- and lower-division classes. This gives lower-level students a chance to learn from faculty as well as students with more field experience and creates a true sense of camaraderie. Here are some pictures from some recent adventures...

Our field trip to localities in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. 
Hudson Bay on PA field Trip   

 GEO 440 (Paleontology) students, BIO 301 (Topics in Paleontology) and Geology Club members posing with a dinosaur in front of the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca.


Students and Faculty at Whitaker State Park, N.Y. investigating the joint structure and fossiliferous strata. 

Combined trip with GEO 200 and GEO 330 to central Pennsylvania.




Dave Valentino shows GEO 330 students the unconformity between the Ordovician Austin Glen Formation and the Silurian Rondout Formation near Catskill, N.Y.
Alexandria Bay, Strucutural/Mineralogy Field Trip, fall 2011.
pulpit rock in alexandria bay strucutre/mineralogy 2011 field tripdave on pulpit alexandria 2011alexandria bay roadcrop
Field Camp, Tri-State Area and Adirondacks, summer 2012.
group picture of field camp 2012gore mountain garnet field camp 2012on mountain top
Salmon River Falls GEO 200 in 2012.
fault gougesalmon river falls 2012students with salmon river falls